Emergency Filings

Emergency Filings, the $0.00 Down Bankruptcy. A Dignified Solution for Desperate Times.
by: Jonathan Goldsmith Cohen
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Did you just get served with a wage garnishment? Are your wages being garnished already? Was your bank account just levied by a judgment creditor? Are you facing a Sheriff’s Sale in several days? Call or e-mail me. I am here to help. That’s why I use my powers for good not evil to help people live decent lives.

Often, I am sitting across the table in a free confidential consultation with a potential client who needs a bankruptcy case filed immediately but has limited resources available to them. In these cases, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be filed with just the filing fee paid upfront. Legal fees are paid over a period of time through the Chapter 13 Plan. When the case is filed, a stay is put in place. The stay stops wage garnishments, bank levies, pending lawsuits, and collection efforts forever.  Dignity and normalcy are restored to the client’s life.

Using a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as an emergency solution can result in a minimal payment to the bankruptcy trustee to pay a small portion of debt back to creditors and to pay the legal fee over a period of time. Typically, the monthly payment to the trustee is approximately $100.00. At the end of the Chapter 13 Plan term, a bankruptcy discharge is entered and the clients are officially forgiven of their debts.  Think of this type of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as a way to make a bankruptcy filing affordable and to get a case filed as soon as possible.