Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

In many cases, bankruptcy is the only option that will bring order, rational planning and permanent relief to people who are under immense financial pressure. Bankruptcy provides an effective means of leveling the playing field between debtors and creditors, and it can profoundly improve the well-being of individuals and families.

It also offers the opportunity to reorganize your finances and obtain a fresh start. The Supreme Court of the United States says it best: bankruptcy is designed to provide a fresh start for debtors. The Court describes the fresh start as, “a new opportunity in life, unhampered by the pressure and discouragement of preexisting debt.”

The “fresh start” concept allows you to engage in a newly productive life unhampered by your past financial problems. Bankruptcy is a tool to solve the unsolvable financial problems that face families all of the time.

“Should I File for Bankruptcy?” Take Our Bankruptcy Quiz

    • Are you struggling to make your monthly credit card payments, mortgage payment, car payments?


    • Do you find yourself dipping into your retirement accounts to meet your regular monthly expenses?


    • Are you concerned about your debts and financial obligations and unsure of how to meet them?


    • Are you being sued on credit card debts or other personal or business obligations?


    • Is your home worth less than the amount you owe on your first mortgage and you do have a second mortgage or home equity loan as well?


    • Have you personally guaranteed business debts and now cannot pay them?


    • Are you about to borrow money from family, friends, savings or retirement accounts to try and pay off debt?


  • Are you in a “debt settlement” program or considering one?

Answering yes to any of these questions means that you owe it to yourself to come in for a free confidential consultation to discuss your options with respect to bankruptcy.